About IMBiGS

Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining (IMBiGS) is an interdisciplinary, scientific research unit. The Institute conducts research, development and experimental activities within the framework of an implementation of mechanization and automation into the industry, construction, rock mining and waste management. IMBiGS disseminate and implement new technological, technical and organizational solutions into business practice.

The Institute has a branch in Katowice- Waste and Environmental Management Center, which is the subject of scientific activities, research, Implementation, consulting and training solutions for the waste management system with particular emphasis on environmental and economic issues. Center’s Staff is a group of experts with substantial experience in solving technological, legal, economic, organizational, and management of waste concerned problems including cooperation with government units.

In the area of ​​Waste Management the Institute focuses on the activities, which implement technologies that reduce the amount of waste (low waste, or non-waste technologies, called “clean” technologies), development of system solutions on national and regional levels, leading to the arrangement of industrial waste management, particularly  where the “production” of waste causes serious environmental degradation, improvement of waste storage technologies in terms of minimizing its environmental impact, implementation of new waste disposal technologies, evaluations of environmental and economic effects of processing waste, etc.