A.1 Preparation of technical guidelines for developed technology – COMPLETED
A.2 Development of design documentation for the developed technology – COMPLETED
B.1 Selection of Contractors of prototype demonstration line – COMPLETED
B.2 Construction of a demonstration prototype line – COMPLETED
B.3 Testing the prototype demonstration line – COMPLETED
B.4 Starting line prototype demonstration line – COMPLETED
C.1 Monitoring the impact of the project on environmental problem – COMPLETED
C.2  Monitoring the impact of the project on major customers – COMPLETED
D.1 Creation and maintenance of project website – COMPLETED
D.2  Information labelling – billboards of LIFE+ – COMPLETED
D.3  Preparation of a „Layman report” – COMPLETED
D.4 Preparation and distribution of information – promotional materials – COMPLETED
D.5 Participation in trade fairs – COMPLETED
D.6 Demonstration visits – COMPLETED
D.7 International conference at the end of the project – COMPLETED
D.8 Establishing contacts with LIFE + beneficiaries and other projects – COMPLETED
D.9 Development of Communication Plan – COMPLETED
E.1 Project office fuctioning- COMPLETED
E.2 Project management- COMPLETED
E.3 Project monitoring- COMPLETED
E.4 Conducting of an independent financial audit – IN PREPARATION