OZERISE –  Agricultural farms and smart grids integrated renewable energy sources

We invite you to visit the website.  The main objective of the project aims to develop and demonstrate practical tools for planning and adjustment of small-scale renewable energy sources (RES) on farms and its clusters as a comprehensive decision support system for farmers.
OZERISE project  is coordinated by Institute for Renewable Energy in Poland.


Dear LIFE+ Project Beneficiaries,

You are kindly invited to find the information about the LIFE 11/ENV/PL/442  Mobile Demonstration Line for Generation of Renewable Energy from Micronised Biomass “MORE ENERGY project.  

Project MORE ENERGY – Mobile Demonstration Line for Generation of Renewable Energy from Micronised Biomass – is being implemented by the Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining. Duration of the project: 01/10/2011 – 31/12/2014. Project’s realization is possible due to support of the LIFE + financial instrument and the Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management means.

At the same time we would like to put link to your LIFE + project website on our website in order to support LIFE+ networking activities within the project.

Looking forward for future contact and exchange of information and experiences.


LIFE + other projects (Theme:  Climate change – Energy- Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, Keyword: biomass energy)

BIO.LEA.R (Biogas Leachate Recovery)
LIFE09 ENV/IT/000101 – Full scale use of liquid injection, for innovative control of waste moisture to enhance biogas production in pre-treated waste landfill.

Keywords:  biomass energy ⁄ landfill ⁄ organic waste ⁄

LIFE10 ENV/BE/000696  – Validation of an environmentally friendly system, combining CO2 capture and biofuel production based on algae culture for industrial exhaust application

Keywords:  biomass energy ⁄ emission reduction ⁄ glass industry ⁄ greenhouse gas ⁄ industrial process ⁄ renewable energy ⁄ use of waste as energy source ⁄

LIFE10 ENV/ES/000496 – CO2 capture and bio-fixation through microalgal culture

Keywords:  biomass energy ⁄ emission reduction ⁄ greenhouse gas ⁄