Results of the Project:

  • The Project enables the conversion of biomass into energy source based on proven solutions of trading platforms combined with innovation.
  • The Project shows the possibility of commercial production of fuel derived from biomass micronization.
  • The possibility of burning the micronized material in devices of a wide size scale was effectively demonstrated.

Advantages of the system

  • Documented employment of the micronization at the production scale;
  • Easy to transport and storage;
  • Minimal risk of explosion and fire in the framework of the energy usage of biomass;
  • Excellent results in terms of energy savings for dryers in agriculture (including grain elevators) using the infrastructure of object.

Innovative properties and key advantages of fuel from a micronized biomass:

  • Ready to use fuel, eliminating unnecessary additional costs and expenses related to the preparation of fuel and associated with the storage of raw materials;
  • Reproducible quality and performance;
  • Due to the small size of particles the process is similar to the process of gas combustion;
  • active area> 1000 times higher than conventionally milled pellets, which eliminates the effect of „unburned pellet”;
  • Minimizing the corrosive effect of fuel on units to energy production due to the release of chlorine during the micronization process;
  • Allows to meet future emission standards for fossil fuel combustion processes and avoid costly investments in equipment to reduce emissions;
  • Universal fuel for coal, oil and gas boilers with a wide power range, as well as for agricultural dryers and some engines (i.e. Turbine engines) after a moderate modernization;
  • Competitive price compared to traditional fuels, comparable with the prices for pellets, from which the micro dust is more versatile.